Carrot & Tea Tree Equioil 250 ml mot klåda

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Equine Essential Oils Products - Carrot & Tea Tree Equioil


Carrot & Tea Tree Equioil

For Itchy Skin, Mane, Tail & Mites.

Carrot Seed & Tea Tree Equioil uses a blend  of essential oils to offer effective soothing properties for  scratching  and rubbing the skin, mane& tail along with mites. For the best results,  use every day for one week and by the second week you will see noticeable  effective relief. Use regularly to keep the area soothed and of course your  horse will absolutely love having a wonderful massage.

“After 1 week he has stopped scratching and rubbing, he was so bad  before equioil and his hair has already started growing back! We love equioil!”